Security Operations Center (SOC)

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

A security operations center is a network of people, equipment, and processes designed to monitor and respond to threats and attacks on a computer network. It is used as a part of information security and compliance and is typically operated by a security vendor or managed service provider. The National Institute of Standards and Technology defines a SOC as: “a facility, composed of personnel, equipment, and processes, that operates to support the mission and functions of a critical infrastructure entity, to perform threat monitoring, assessment, analysis, and response.” An SOC is an important element of an organization’s overall cybersecurity program.

What Does a SOC Team Member Do?

Our SOC (Security Operations Center) is a 24x7x365 monitoring center where Cyber Sleuth Security personnel conduct active threat hunting and respond to incidents. The main objective of our SOC is to rapidly detect and respond to new threats and attacks, thus protecting your organization and business. Our team of trained professionals are responsible for providing incident response and security incident reporting services to organizations of all sizes. 

What Is SOC-as-a-Service?

The world of cybersecurity is changing rapidly, and traditional approaches to securing networks are no longer sufficient. Today, businesses must protect themselves against sophisticated cyberattacks that target both physical and digital assets. To do so, they need to have access to highly skilled professionals who can quickly detect and respond to emerging threats. However, many companies lack the resources necessary to build and manage a secure network.

Enter SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS), a subscription-based managed security service that allows organizations to outsource the people and processes required to operate and maintain a robust security operations center (SOC). SOCaaS delivers all the benefits of a dedicated SOC, including real-time monitoring, incident response capabilities, and a team of experts ready to help you identify and mitigate attacks.


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What Are the Benefits of SOC-as-a-Service?

The rise of cloud computing has changed how we think about cybersecurity. Traditional managed security service providers (MSPs) are no longer able to provide the level of protection required by today’s enterprises. Managed detection and response (M&R) vendors are limited by legacy technology and lack of scale. And while many organizations rely on third parties for incident response, those partners often struggle to keep pace with rapid changes in the cyberthreat landscape.

To address these challenges, SOC-as-a-Service (SAS) vendors are emerging as an alternative to both MSPs and M&R vendors. SAS solutions combine the best of managed security services with the flexibility of software-defined networks, cloud infrastructure, and machine learning. These tools allow you to quickly detect threats, respond effectively, and recover faster.

What Types of Organizations can Benefit from SOC-as-a-Service?

SOC-as-a-service (SOCaaS) solutions provide the flexibility and scale required for organizations with small IT budgets. With SOC-as-a-service, organizations can quickly deploy the services they need to meet compliance requirements, comply with new regulations, or keep pace with the latest technology. SOCaaS solutions are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and government organizations. Companies that use SOCaaS solutions include banks, retailers, healthcare, utilities, and public sector organizations. SOCaaS solutions are also suitable for any organization that needs to protect data and applications across their entire network infrastructure.

Why Choose SOC-as-a-Service Over Build Your Own?

SOC-as-a-Service: Why Should You Choose SOC-as-a-Service Over Building Your Own? With the constant rise of cyber-attacks and attacks on businesses and consumers, SOC-as-a-Service is becoming a must-have for any business or organization. SOC-as-a-Service helps organizations combat phishing, spam, malware, viruses, and other threats without having to build their own SOC and train staff. Additionally, SOC-as-a-Service offers several additional benefits to organizations and employees, including 24/7 security monitoring; real-time alerts; proactive notification to users; and advanced analytics.

How Soc-as-a-Service Can Reduce Unnecessary Noise

Traditional anti-virus or malware software can send you dozens, if not hundreds of notifications a week advising you of potential threats to your network and systems. This requires you to review each one which takes lots of time and effort, and the constant barrage of alerts can cause what experts like to call “alert fatigue”. Our team of experts will monitor your network and systems around the clock for any potential threats, and in the event a potential threat is identified, they will assess, mitigate and eliminate the threat. The only alerts you receive are for issues that required action.  This means you can spend more time focusing on running your business and less time worrying about receiving constant alerts for non-critical security issues. 

Why SOC Compliance Matters

Improving your organization's network security remains vital to operations. However, ensuring your organization complies with the latest regulatory requirements is just as important. Simply put, if your organization isn't proving it takes a proactive stance towards compliance, it may face sanctions from regulators.

On-site SOC teams can often be expensive and time-consuming. However, SOC-as-a-service excels at this job, offering ongoing and systematic reporting for various regulatory standards including HIPAA, GDPR/PCI DSS, CCPA, and NIST SP 800-171 as part of their services.

Furthermore, compliance enhances a business' reputa­tion, with the downside being that non-compliance could seriously damage your repu­tation in the eye of customers and clients. As high-profile breaches over recent years have shown, even the biggest companies live and die by their capacity to meet the highest standards set by regulatory bodies.

Finally, outsourcing some security-related activities to external service providers can help improve productivity while allowing IT teams time to focus on operational issues that could potentially decrease the risks associated with internal breaches.

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